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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is some popular questions collected from our customers.

What if I don't like the outcome?

Statistics are less about fortune telling than they are about making predictions from past outcomes. Think of any task in your life that requires a prediction and you'll understand the power behind predicting to make good decisions. Statistics has been around for over 150 years and is used extensively by government agencies, corporations, investors, economists and many other people who make important decisions every day. If you want to believe some quack or TV guru instead of using the tools that have withstood time, then go ahead but first don't call yourself a "rational", "smart" person if not willing to stand up for what you claim is rational.

How much does a website costs?

Well, most professional websites cost anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands. And they're worth it! For a small business, you'll need an easy-to-use system for handling orders and payments.
Web design for a professional site is not about fine artists or giving everyone his or her own look - the beauty is in how well it all works together. Navigating your new site should feel as intuitive as looking up the information at your local library.
Careful design includes professionalism that goes beyond flashy colors and childlike clip art  Unfortunately there's no standard formula for estimating web costs because every project is customized with different functions and features on the website—think offline ordering systems, built-in discounts, search engine.

What results show I expect?

We'll produce the website you need for your business, and even provide all maintenance that may be necessary.We take one look at your customer base to make sure the site will serve them as well as attract new members. Then we design a site and keeping it user-friendly and scalable from mobile to desktop formats. There are no limits on changes or content updates within the development period!

Is Certified Code currently hiring?

Certified Code Global does not currently have any available positions. All of our team members are in-house staff and take pride in having a direct impact on the project development process that directly impacts our clients.

Why our rate is higher?

We understand our rate may higher than others in our firm, however, we do give high-quality development. We also officially certified by Wix as master level developers. We care more about quality and performance than how many hours we are charging per month.

Do you guarantee any results?

No, we cannot guarantee any results with the information we provide. As each individual is different, what works for one will not necessarily work well for another. We can give a "chance" of success based on the feedback from our users and our own product testing.