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For those that need a little more hand-holding, paying for hourly consultation and tutorial services is the way to go. Certified Code offers a service that can help you get up and running with Wix websites in no time.

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If you need someone to take care of the website for you, we offer a monthly subscription, Develop, or a one-off priced project. At Certified Code, we specialize in helping businesses with their Wix websites. We can provide you with the custom solutions you need to make your site successful.

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Take action based on data to improve your website.

Data-driven decisions
Website owners can make data-driven decisions to improve their website's user experience and ranking in search engines.
Improve your performance
If you want your website to perform better, you need to take actionable insights.
Increase your website's ROI
Your website is your primary source of business leads and customers. To increase your website's ROI, you need to be constantly optimizing it for maximum impact.
Improve website security
To improve website security, data-driven monitoring is key. By tracking data and identifying patterns, you can help prevent potential attacks before they happen.

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By focusing on your business, you can ensure that you're still productive and growing.
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Provide visitors advanced actions like rating system.

With Velo, you can easily add features like a rating system, social sharing, and commenting to any page. You can also use Velo to create membership sites and access control areas. Velo makes it easy to build advanced features into any website.

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Custom member profile that works like a social network.

With Velo, you can create a profile that works like a social network, complete with a news feed, friends list, and private messages. You can also use Velo to build custom applications for your website or blog. For example, you could use Velo to build a custom contact form or a custom survey tool.

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