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Business Research

Something that small businesses are always seeking is an edge over their competitors. Businesses across the country scour the internet looking for information about potential customers. Business owners want to know where you live, what your income level is and how many dependents you have.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking is a feature that allows you to view your ranking for keywords in the search results. Rank Tracking was first introduced in 2003 as part of the Search Suggestion Feature. Rank Tracking has been expanded and improved over time, and Google currently shows Rank information on both the organic and paid web listings (exact match only).

Competitors Analysis

Competitor analysis is vital for any business that wants to climb to the top of its industry. Competitors analysis provides a detailed overview of your competitor's online marketing strategy and helps you understand how you can beat them. Competitors help you build your strategy by determining what works and what does not work in the market place

Website Optimization

Website Optimization (Web Design & Development) Website optimization or Website monitoring is the systematic analysis of a website's performance and activity in order to improve it and ensure that it meets its intended objectives. Website optimization is generally achieved through the process of Website testing Website feedback, and Website improvement.

Our Process

A simple, yet effective
project discovery process

We managed to keep it simple, reduce the workload on your busy life.

Step 1

Project Analysis

Project Analysis is the process of defining and creating a plan to accomplish an objective. It involves taking all the ideas that are floating around in your head and making them concrete. This way you can see what exactly needs to be done to achieve your goal.

Step 2

Possibility Validation

We make sure that our projects have the potential to succeed. We do this through careful research and market analysis, which allow us to determine how feasible any project is before we begin working on it.

Step 3

Milestone Work

Milestone work is one of the best ways to keep track of your progress. I recommend using a checklist so that you can focus on getting things done instead of worrying about how much time you have left.

advanced service

Our advanced keyword research will help you rank easily

We research the best keywords for your business and apply the best to your website. Get free Google Search Ranking when you build your website with us.

“Absolutely amazingly skilled team of professional coders, can do any job in very short time and always advice the best option to go. Used their services on multiple projects and all were flawless. Will work with them in the future for sure. Highly recommend ”
Maria Boitoș
Founder at Webloom Studio
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Certified Code works with other agencies in the technology firm, from UI/UX Design to Platform development.

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